About Us

Early Beginnings

Darien Home Health Care was established in 1995 in Darien, Illinois and had been providing quality home health care services in the entire Chicago area and most suburbs.

Darien Home Health Care is Medicare Certified and Licensed by the State Illinois - Department of Public Health. While these institutions and licensing bodies have declared us to be state qualified, we believe it is the trust of our clients that makes us truly qualified. We take care of their health at home. Their satisfaction serves as our measurement. To achieve it, we keep ourselves guided by company values in practice and in heart:


Taking time to get to know the patient and the disease/injury they battle so we can be in the same place they are – being there for them at a time that they need us most.


Not all care skills are learned through training. In fact, the most important ones are those that we learn when in practice. We make reasonable adjustments to usual techniques as needed in order to meet the unique need(s) of those we care for.


By understanding the culture and household customs of the family or individual that we serve, we enable ourselves to be part of their lives. We want to become a positive adjustment in their health both physically and emotionally.


There are many ways to be diligent. We keep up with all of them. We stick to the schedule. We are there on time. We focus on quality to meet your satisfaction.


When things are going down, we look up. We hope you will share the value of optimism with us especially when an illness, injury or old age takes its toll. At Darien Home Health Care, anything that pulls us down will only push us more to get back up. We hope you feel the same way about your health and that of your loved one. Good energy brings positivity.

2879 83rd St.
Darien, Illinois 60561
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